Linda Felton

Linda Felton's artistic journey began in Pennsylvania, where she discovered the enchanting world of art through a magical box of metallic crayons during her Kindergarten days. The electrifying sensation she felt that day ignited a lifelong passion for creativity. Although she initially pursued Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin and commercial art at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, the demands of life, including raising a family and securing a consistent income, temporarily deferred her dream of becoming a full-time painter. Devoting nearly 35 years to the field of Special Education, Linda showcased her artistic flair by designing classroom materials and crafting backdrops, centerpieces, costumes, and calligraphy for certificates and invitations. While juggling teaching responsibilities and family life in Miami, she delved into the world of basket weaving, utilizing natural fibers, and exhibited her creations in various art shows. In 2007, Linda's journey took an exciting turn as she retired and relocated to San Miguel. Determined to explore new horizons, she immersed herself in the study of oil painting under the guidance of William Martin, a seasoned artist residing in San Miguel. Intrigued by photo realism, Linda further challenged herself by becoming a student of the renowned photo realism watercolor master, Kelley Vandiver, in SMA. Linda's artistic focus centers on portraiture, where she seeks to amplify the voices of marginalized individuals through her paintings. With each stroke of her brush, she strives to bring forth the stories and experiences of those often unheard. Linda Felton's dedication to her craft continues to evolve, creating a powerful narrative through the vivid expressions of her subjects.

Oaxaca woman

16 " x 20 ", $825.

African girl

16.5 " x 21. 5" $875.

Woman with Cigar

18.5" x 24.25" $1200

Henna girl

17. 5 " x 23." $875.


16" x20" $825.

The Blue Shawl

22" x 30.75" $1200