The Galeria San Francisco now has a location in Centro and at the Fabrica La Aurora.

Centro: Our Centro location is located upstairs at San Francisco #1, overlooking the Jardin in the historic center of San Miguel de Allende. Located on the corner of San Francisco and Relox, it faces the Jardin, and is only a few steps from the magnificent Parroquia of San Miguel Archangel.  This church is the most important religious edifice in the city, and has become a symbol of the city San Miguel de Allende, recently designated a Unesco World Heritage Site. 

The building at San Francisco #1 has been in the Liceaga family for over 400 years, and originally served as a respite for the people who worked for the mining companies transporting minerals. They would come there to rest and refresh their horses after their long journey. Later, it became the private residence of the Liceaga family, who lived in the mansion for many years. About 18 years ago, the present owner and architect, Fernando Liceaga, renovated and rebuilt the property, retaining its historical character. The building is listed the historical register in San Miguel de Allende.

The Gallery still retains some of the original wall paintings that decorated this historic building.

Annex: The Galeria San Francisco Annex opened its gallery doors at the Fabrica La Aurora in August of 2017. A textile mill from 1902 to 1991, Fabrica La Aurora has since become an art-lover's paradise in San Miguel de Allende. The converted factory shows evidence of the site's history, including oil-stained floors and traces of cotton tucked into crevices.

Built in the early twentieth century by an English company, this place worked for more than 90 years as one of the most important textile factories in Mexico. In addition to having been a great source of employment for the locals, La Aurora was a space where people gathered to celebrate traditions and even organize football tournaments, generating a sense of unity and belonging within the community. It is important to note that the architectural recovery of the space allowed the original structure to remain almost intact, with its iconic 12 stone arches and wrought iron doors. Some of the original industrial machinery has also been left in the renovated Fábrica La Aurora, which reopened in 1990.

The Fabrica Aurora now houses many art galleries, artists' studios, restaurants a bookstore and a cafe. Many of the artists offer courses and workshops in their studios throughout the year.

The opening of Galeria San Francisco has been a long time dream of its owner and artist, Susan Santiago, who moved to San Miguel to focus full time on her painting. The artists currently represented in her gallery reflect the diverse creative talent that is present in San Miguel.