David McBay

David McBay was born and raised in Texas and was always fascinated with Mexican culture. During the summers he traveled extensively throughout the southwest and Mexico. Before retiring he painted on the weekends recreating on canvas the numerous images that he photographed during his journeys. His unique style is reminiscent of the American Folk Art Traditions while his subject matter depicts the cultural heritage of Mexico. His works exhibit a mysterious and somewhat melancholy mood focused toward the architecture and a timeless sense of place. His images create a nostalgia for what once was and what now is. David is happy to be the newest member of the Galeria San Francisco in San Miguel de Allende, MX.

Doors of San Miguel #1

Acrylic on Canvas
16.5 x 14” $400 USD

Doors of San Miguel #2

Acrylic on Panel
21.5 x 27” $400 USD

Doors of San Miguel #3

Acrylic on Canvas
14.5 x 12.5” $400 USD

Street in San Miguel

Acrylic on Canvas
23 x 23” $450 USD

Guadalajara Cathedral

Acrylic on Canvas
23 x 23” $475 USD

Nighttime Fireworks

Acrylic on Canvas
42 x 30” $1200 USD

Festival in the Jardin

Acrylic on Canvas
34 x 27” $950 USD

Parroquia at Night

Acrylic on Canvas
22 x 30” $750 USD

Evening on Calle Aldama

Acrylic on Canvas
42.5 x 30.5” $1200 USD

Melodia de Mariachi

Acrylic on board
14 x 10” $400 USD

La Parroquia

Acrylic on canvas
28 x 24” $875 USD

Capilla Familiar

Acrylic on canvas
14 x 11” $400 USD

Día de Muertos Víspera del Recuerdo

Acrylic on board
29 x 20” $900 USD

Desfile del dia del dia

Acrylic on canvas
24 x 24” $975 USD