Jane Dill


Jane Dill is an internationally known professional calligrapher who has spent over 30 years working as a freelance lettering artist specializing in commercial hand-lettering for headlines, product identity, book covers, wine labels, film, and corporate logos (including the Galeria San Francisco).

Classically trained as a calligrapher by some of the field's best instructors, she has been experimenting with lettering and art while living in both San Francisco and Santa Fe, with additional study in England, Belgium and Mexico City.

Since moving to San Miguel de Allende in 2012, Jane has been taking her lettering to a new and exciting level, using calligraphy and lettering as design elements in her mixed media works, and has expanded her own artwork through experimentation with texture, collage and asemic (non-readable) script. Jane also teaches classes every month in the Galeria’s Art Workshops space. Her classes in Mixed Media, Texture & Mark Making, Collage, Color & Symbols and Abstract Painting with Textures are very popular and open to all levels.