Rhoda Draws

Growing up in Chicago, I always liked to draw. When I started High School, the “advisor” waved test scores in my face and yelled that I was “too smart to be an artist!” After many years of trying to do what “smart” people did, I proved her wrong. I wasn’t all that smart.

I changed my name to “Rhoda Draws” legally in 2009. I’m an Urban Sketcher and I teach “Sketching Fast & Loose” workshops in San Miguel and other magical towns in Mexico. Website: https://ontheRHODAgain.com/

As a professional caricature artist, I’ve had decades of experience creating rapid drawings of people at events. An early pioneer of digital painting, I used Corel Painter for live caricature events as well as studio work. This led to publication of numerous books on the creative use of both Painter and Adobe Photoshop.

I also use digital media to create quick gestural drawings of live models. Some of these drawings are combined digitally or printed on archival rice paper. Many such combinations inspire larger mixed media paintings on canvas.

In 2018 I moved to San Miguel from the San Francisco Bay Area. My house in Colonia Guadalupe, is called “Casa de Dibujo.” (House of Drawing). You can see my urban sketches and figurative drawings at Galeria San Francisco in La Aurora. Larger figurative paintings and portraits can be viewed by appointment at “Casa de Dibujo.”

Sketching trip to Guanajuato with Rhoda Draws

Join a sketching/sight-seeing group for a day trip to the magical town of Guanajuato.
Date: Friday, December 16. 9:00am to 6:00pm
Fee: $190 USD or peso equivalent.
Includes transportation to and from San Miguel in a comfortable van with our bilingual driver, Pancho.
Also, a supplies kit and personalized instruction in "Sketching Fast & Loose."
Small group, limited to 5.

Sign up now! rhodadraws@gmail.com

About 90 minutes on the road takes us from San Miguel to Guanajuato City, home of the Museo Iconográfico del Quijote, an incredible collection of art devoted to depicting images of Don Quijote in every imaginable medium and style. We’ll sketch the facade of Teatro Juárez and also the people in centro, as they enjoy the fresh air in a town which restricts most auto traffic to underground tunnels.

Two figures & spiral


3 Figures-rwr

7 Figures green gold framed

Figures orange and green



Red Hair

Seated figure charcoal conte

2 Klimt figures

SMA Calle Relox 9-2-20

Parroquia from back-Rhoda

Jardin vendor cart 10-10-21

Belles Artes

Plaza Civica

3 Mariachis arches mini