Jane Bingham

Jane Bingham

Jane started her artistic career in the late '70s creating and selling unique Batiks & Acrylic Watercolors before beginning her lifelong journey with clay.
She sold her own original ceramic tableware designs successfully all across Canada for twenty-five years. Then, after being inspired by a visit to the Mask Museum in San Miguel in 2008, she began creating her first clay Bird Sculptures. The public response was immediate and extremely positive and eventually sculpture became a feature at all of her shows across Canada. In 2010 she began sculpting Women from many unique & tribal cultures around the world and then, in 2016, she expanded her technique beyond the slab construction used to create the wall pieces, to encompass building free-standing pieces featuring animals, birds and women. She enjoys the contrast between the two methods of sculpture and utilizes found recycled metals and various fabrics to enhance the essence of each piece. Jane seeks to capture the spiritual dimension of her subjects with empathy, inviting the viewer to relate and reflect. Her work can be found in collections in Japan, Australia, Switzerland, the UK, Isreal, Mexico and the USA. During her career she has shown her work at numerous Ceramic Galleries across Canada. In 2016, she was invited to join The Galeria San Francisco where she has developed a loyal following, locally as well as internationally. Recently she began a series of Chine-Colle Mono-Prints merging black and white images of her sculptures with vibrant colors, to create two-dimensional renderings that capture the soul of her subjects.

Bearded Monkey

Earthenware Clay, Metal & Fabric - $625 USD

Cat w Orange Whiskers

Earthenware Clay & Wire - $425 USD

Sitting Rabbit

Earthenware Clay - $475 USD

Cat w Leaf Hat

Earthenware Clay & Metal - $595 USD

Musk Ox

Earthenware Clay & Metal - $450 USD

White Horse

Earthenware Clay & Metal - $395 USD

Cat on Palm Stump

Earthenware Clay & Metal - $550 USD

Wall Woman w Purple Hair

Earthenware Clay, Metal & Fabric - $595 USD

Standing Baby Owl

Earthenware Clay & Metal - $550 USD

Girl w Hands

Earthenware Clay - $425 USD

Secretary Bird

Earthenware Clay & Metal - $675 USD

Standing Woman w Shawl

Earthenware Clay - $595 USD

Owl w Whiskers

Earthenware Clay & Metal - $450 USD

Naughty Dog

Earthenware Clay & Metal - $595 USD

Dog & Angel Rising

Mono-Print – Framed - $550 USD

Burro & Goat

Mono-Print - Framed - $495 USD

Rabbit in The Garden

Mono-Print - Framed - $550 USD

Woman in Shawl

Mono-Print - Framed - $495 USD (All Prints Have Been Matted)