Susan Fiori


I have been a working artist all of my adult life and have explored many media in depth. I have been quite devoted to mixed metal sculpture in recent years and have developed a style that is quite unique. This past summer I took a workshop in clay sculpture and completely fell in love and became hooked!

At present I am quite immersed in exploring this very malleable medium with my main focus being the human face and figure. I use my skills as a metal smith and painter to extend the inherent beauty of the clay objects themselves.

I have found that the clay has a very strong presence that often guides me in surprising ways so that there is a feeling that the piece is making itself. This dialogue, using my skills with the dual media of metal and clay, keeps me fascinated and energized as an artist in a deep way.

Recently I have been either using handmade or found containers to present my work or allowing the pieces to be on small stands and pedestals without the enclosures.