Sandra Palma

Sandra Palma

Sandra Palma de Ruíz, was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. In 1998 she moved to San Miguel de Allende, where she currently resides.
During her many years of artistic training, including painting, photography, sculpture, jewlery, Sandra learn the painting process used by the great Renaissance masters, under the tutelage of William Martin a master painter, who lived in San Miguel for many years, she began to focus solely on her oil painting. This jurney allowed her to experiment with various and different techniques and styles. Palma´s paintings are reminiscent of Magic Realism in Latin American literature : they fuse the real and the fantastic. The stories she creates exist in a world of fantasy, where nature and feminin star are dominant elements. These unique combinations create a warm, surreal atmosphere where each painting offers a fantastic visual experience, ment to stimulate the viewer´simagination as well as offer a visual journey in to another world. Sandra continues to explore the combination of naturalistic and surrealistic elements unique to her style.

En que Piensas?

Oil and gold leaf on canvas
36.5 x 29” framed $2,200 USD

Alistando el Vuelo

Oil on canvas
32.5 x 44.5” framed $2,950 USD

Péiname la Vida

Oil on canvas
29 x 25” frameD $ 1,300 USD

Camino Profuso

Oil on canvas
17 x 21” framed $925 USD

“Buenos Pensamientos”

Oil on paper
17 x 17” framed $700 USD


Oil on canvas
27 x 31” framed $1,050 USD

“Vidas que fForecen”

Oil on canvas
24 x 24” framed $1,800 USD


Acrylic and oil on canvas
40.5 x 52” framed $3,800 USD