Robyn Cole


Robyn Child Cole is an internationally collected, award-winning mixed media artist based out of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and Glendale, California. Currently, she works in the mediums of encaustic and cold wax/oil. With a degree in Art from UCLA, Robyn embarked on a career in advertising and graphic design in the fast-paced Southern California business landscape. She took early retirement in 2011 to devote herself to full-time fine art. She loves to paint concepts, life changes, and life transformations in an abstract style, using the bright colors of her local surroundings.

“As a painter in the contemporary and abstract style, I hope people can experience the process of the work. I want them to witness every stroke, every color choice, every texture. Process, materials and texture are what resonate with me. It is my job to translate those elements into understandable concepts.

As a “mark maker”, encaustic’s ability to dry immediately, to create luminescent layers, to sculpt with and to be manipulated endlessly make this a wonderful medium for me. ”
“Encaustic is hot beeswax melted with resin and color pigments to form the paint. I apply many layers of the hot, molten paint on a wood support, fusing each layer to the underlying one with a torch or heat gun. This produces a painting that can never fade, since the colors are permanently locked in the wax/resin. The luminosity of the medium allows for a painting with many layers, evoking many stories and inviting touch. Viewers are much more involved with a painting that can be touched as well as visually enjoying the sensual experience of encaustic.”

Her second medium, cold wax and oil, is a technique of painting whereby cold wax (a mixture of beeswax and solvent) is mixed together with oil paint. The cold wax causes the oil paint to dry much faster than if it were on its own. “I can work in a series of paintings and after a couple of hours can return to the first painting to add more layers. It’s a wonderfully luscious medium to add to oil paint and allows me to work fast and freely.”

Robyn is a teaching and exhibiting artist, exclusively represented by Galeria San Francisco in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (#1 San Francisco). She teaches Cold Wax/Oil 2-day workshops at the Galeria and 2-Day Encaustic workshops at her home studio in Nueva Allende, a 7-minute walk from Fabrica Aurora. Click this link for more information: