Requirements for Portfolio Review

  1. Images

You can either email low-resolution JPEG images, or you can send a link to your online portfolio or website. If you are emailing JPEGs, make sure that they are web-quality, low-resolution files. If you send large files, they can get caught by spam filters and / or can be difficult to open. You must have a minimum of 15 images in a consistent style.

The images of your artwork should be professionally presentable. This means that there are no crooked images, no frames in the image, that the images are cropped (with no backgrounds beyond the image borders), no watermarks, and no hot spots. Also, make sure that all images are color corrected and if you cannot do any of the above well, get someone to do it for you with the proper equipment, programs and experience in duplicating art.

  1. Submit a CV.


The Curriculum Vitae or CV is essentially an artist’s resume outlining previous exhibitions, publications, press, etc.

  1. Submit artist’s statement and biography


Your artist’s statement is an opportunity to explain the background and process of the work you are submitting to the gallery. There is no definitive right or wrong in writing your artist’s statement, but it should be concise. Make sure that your biography, CV and artist’s statement are up to date.

  1. Representation by Galeria San Francisco

In order to be considered for gallery representation you must be a full time resident of San Miguel.